In the days of the Great Hosanna / Open letter to Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò

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In recent years, no one has held such an explicit fight against the antichrist spirit inside and outside the Vatican as Archbishop Carlo Maria Viganò —former Apostolic Nuncio to the United States— has, a fight that over the past year has led him to vehemently denounce the unilateral plans of the world's elite powers for a Great Reset of all human life. It is on the eve of his participation in a forum to be held in Venice against such initiative that I address him this open letter, in which I refer to the only adequate way to face it.


Buenos Aires, May 29th, 2021

Qui autem permanserit usque in finem hic salvus erit (Mt. 24:13)

Dear Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò,

Your Excellency,

I greet you with sincere brotherly love in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, in whose presence I am.

My name is Mariano Franco and I am just one more inhabitant of the City of Buenos Aires, where I was born and where I lived all my life. Despite coming from a Catholic family, having been baptized and having received my first communion within the order established by the Church of Rome, the truth is that since the days of my adolescence I no longer consider myself Catholic nor, for that matter, member of some other branch or denomination of institutional Christianity. However, to comply with the procedure of God's justice for the forgiveness of sins, I have already been baptized as an adult, at the age of twenty-seven, of which it has been, since a few days ago, a quarter of a century already.

Now, on the other hand, since I can remember, from my earliest childhood, I have felt a love for the Lord Jesus Christ that never —not even in my more than messy days as a teenager— have been able to extinguish the various circumstances that I have went through in my life. Quite the opposite: over the years, this love for the Lord has only grown in my soul until it produced, as a late fruit, in 2018, a Spanish translation of the Syriac version of the Apocalypse of which I am the author and editor, an initiative to which, at the end of the same year, this site from which I am writing to you today has been added.

As an obligatory reference to these lines that I dare to address to you today, I would like to mention an open letter to President Donald Trump that I wrote and published on this same site just a few days ago, on May 18th. As I say in it to President Trump, the letter in question has been largely inspired by the two ones that you, Excellency, so timely addressed to him in June and October 2020. And, as I point out in it to the aforementioned president, the precision with which you sketch the picture of the current situation of the world in both letters is, in my opinion, difficult to surpass, to the point that —believe me— I would dare to include them among the most transcendent documents in the history of mankind.

Far from being an exaggeration on my part, the immense transcendence that I consciously and without flattery attribute to your two letters to President Trump is defined as much by the extreme gravity of the days in which they were published as by the very precise, almost surgical analysis that you have been able to add about said circumstances. In your lines, Your Excellency, you have embodied the voice of many, many men and women from all over the world who, since March of last year, have witnessed in astonishment the crumbling of the soul of humanity as such, to which, in the name of the doubtful appearance of a simple virus not much more deadly than influenza, the darkest powers of this world are committed, seconded by a very numerous claque that the money of such has been able to and can pay without much difficulty.

For my part, Excellency, I confess to you that —foreign as I am to the details of the Catholic sphere— I had never even heard your name before your mid-2018 letter in relation to the so-called “McCarrick affair”, a character whom I will not refer about here except to bring to mind the astonishment it caused to me watching a video that records a talk given by him in October 2013 at Villanova University in Philadelphia, in the course of which he equated the current Pope with nothing less than the Pied Piper of Hamelin. But if that letter of yours attracted my attention at that time, I assure you that the concepts that you so lucidly expressed last year in your two letters to President Trump have sown in my soul great admiration and no less sympathy for you.

In the last of your mentioned letters, you have not hesitated to characterize President Trump as an "instrument of Divine Providence." But are you not aware, Excellency, that you also are, to no lesser extent than him, an instrument of God yourself in these days of immeasurable and almost ineffable anxiety that is going through the world in general and Christendom in particular? It is so, indeed, as I can see it myself, both for the capacity with which the Lord has endowed you to give the ineffable a forceful expression and for the courage with which you have assumed such an enormous task, a task that, moreover, has you as a tireless denouncer, in various forums, of the monstrosity that many of us have been stunned with since March of last year.

It is this same task that you, Excellency, have been carrying out with all the characteristics of a tour de force and with a disposition that does nothing more than honor that admonition of the Lord to persevere to the end —εἰς τὸ τέλος—, it is this very task, I mean, which, as I understand it, has led you to integrate, as the main exponent, the 1st Philosophy Festival "Antonio Livi", to be held on next May 30th —that is, at the time I am writing these lines, just tomorrow— in the city of Venice, an event in which other prominent dissident voices of the so-called Great Reset will participate. I have learned, in reference to the latter, that you have made your own a motto coined by Russian thinker Aleksandr Dugin —at the time, another of the internationally famous exponents who will participate in the event of yore—, a motto that reads: We respond to the Great Reset with a great awakening.

Now, Excellency, I do not doubt for a moment that your intervention in the aforementioned symposium will be, at the very least, as forceful as the foretaste of it that has been circulating these days on the Web under the title «Further Considerations on the Great Reset». However, with all the respect and sympathy for your person that I express to you in these lines of mine, I see myself in the inescapable obligation to remind you here of some words that the book of Psalms has recorded for posterity and, especially, for the time that we are going through today:

Where does my help come from? My help comes from the Lord, maker of heaven and earth… (Psalm 121:1)

In other words, Your Excellency: the closed night that in our days has fallen on the whole world —and especially on our Western world— will not dissipate over Venice once the meeting that summons you there is over. Of course, as I have just told you, many of the people gathered there will undoubtedly give an accurate diagnosis of the visible causes and consequences of the current distressing situation. But the fact is that, as I have already implied in my letter to President Trump, in all this situation that we suffer today there are also involved —that is to say, above allinvisible, spiritual issues, issues that, as you well know, cannot be approached with our mere human strength or, for that matter, adhering to the type of logic that usually prevails in any philosophical symposium.

And isn't this, Your Excellency, the darkest night that humanity as a whole has ever passed through since the days of Noah? And just as in the days of Noah, is it not also in ours that all flesh seems to have corrupted its way? This corruption has indeed gone very far: so much that it has affected even the men charged with proclaiming the gospel and living in accordance with it. The Lord, in effect, said on one occasion:

If anyone walks in the daytime, he does not stumble, for he sees the light of this world; But he who walks in the night stumbles, because the light is not in him. (John 11:9,10)

Of course, Excellency, you have no need for me to come and tell you who the light of the world is. All in all, I beg you not to take it ill for me to express things clearly here, as I do it rather for those who may get to read these lines that I'm addressing to you publicly.

Who, then, is the light of the world? Here are these other words of the Lord Jesus Christ, recorded, also, in that same Gospel of John that I have just quoted:

I am the light of the world; he who follows me will not walk in the dark... (John 8:12)

The Lord himself is, then, of course, the light of the world. And according to these very words of the Lord: is it not by following Him alone that someone, no matter who, will avoid walking in the dark? Hence, then, it is completely legitimate to ask ourselves, in the midst of this closed night that we are all going through today: are we truly following the Lord? And if the answer to this question is affirmative, then it remains to be asked, with all the honesty of someone who claims to follow Jesus Christ and only Him, this other question: if we are really following the Lord, who is the light of the world, why, then, in these days we walk in the middle of such dense darkness?

Of course, these kinds of questions can only arrive at one honest answer —again: the only possible answer that could come from someone who claims to follow the Lord— in the innermost recesses of individual conscience. And it was John himself who, in his first letter, with the unwavering honesty that can only come from the Spirit, has recorded a very important clue for anyone who might feel a bit confused in their heart when considering whether they are truly following the Lord Jesus Christ in the integral and exclusive way that He Himself demands. And, so that there is no doubt, he has done it, moreover, using the very language used by the Lord in his sayings that I have just quoted. Here is, in effect, what John tells us:

He who claims to be in the light while hating his brother, he is, even until now, in darkness. Whoever loves his brother abides in the light and there is no stumbling in him. But he who hates his brother is in the dark and he walks in the dark and does not know where he is going, for the darkness has blinded his eyes. (1 John 2:9-11)

Your Excellency, as I have already told you at the beginning of these lines, the letter that I addressed to President Trump a few days ago is an obligatory reference to this one that I now address to you, since both have been inspired by the same serious situation that, to a greater or lesser extent, is afflicting all human beings equally. And it is precisely in that letter where, among other things, I have expressed to President Trump my great satisfaction at witnessing the current of understanding and sympathy that arose between two personalities as disparate as yours and that of him, for in such current I sensed to glimpse the type of relationship that pleases the Lord so much between all those who claim to revere Him. Of course, Excellency, that —as you can imagine— in this letter that I address to you, I overlook some observations that I make in the letter addressed to President Trump. Indeed, it goes without saying that, due to your high position within the Catholic Church, they are not necessary here. However, let me now highlight one of those observations of mine, since its formulation is at the very essence of what I wish to communicate to you today.

Indeed, despite the fact that, as you well know and have already stated many times, all this darkness in which humanity and Christendom as a whole find themselves today is the work of a handful of very powerful elitists who have proposed to destroy the world in order to give it a shape according to their meanest interests —or, as a striking stained vitraux adorning the grounds of a London university library says, nearer to the heart's desire—, remember here that the One who ultimately claims not only the formation of light but also the creation of darkness, who not only claims ultimate responsibility for all well-being, but also for all calamity is... the Lord himself (Isaiah 45:6.7). And so, by virtue of the latter, it is absolutely rigorous to recall here these other words recorded in the book of Isaiah:

Behold, the hand of the Lord is not shortened, so that he cannot deliver, nor has his ear become dull, so that he cannot hear. But your iniquities have caused divisions between you and your God, and your sins have made him hide his face from before you so as not to listen! (Isaiah 59:1,2)

It is here, then, Your Excellency, where all human speculation dies, regardless of the good intentions of those who could exercise it. It is here, in other words, where it is up to us —that is, to all those of us who consider ourselves to be the Lord's people— to seek His face in these days of tribulation, thus following the invitation made by the author of the letter To the Hebrews:

Let us approach, therefore, frankly [μετὰ παρρησίας] the throne of grace in order to obtain mercy and find favor in search of timely help. (Hebrews 4:16)

It is, then, frankly that we must seek the much-needed refreshment for our souls that we all long for in these days. And it is, therefore, that same frankness that should lead us to recognize that for a long time we have been acting lawlessly, that is, in a manner contrary and even hostile to that which the Lord has prescribed for us in his own justice to be found justified before Him. We have been for too long like Cain, who tolerated the sin of hating his brother to lay so close to the doors of his soul that he ended up murdering him.

Your Excellency, allow me to tell you then, with all humility —truly, with fear and trembling, as one who is in the very presence of the Lord— that it is this same sin of abhorrence between brothers, sustained for so many centuries, that today has brought over all of us this dense darkness that overwhelms us in the present and that, above all, prevents us from having even a glimpse of what all this will lead to in the future, even in the near future. And let me also assure you here that it is the Lord who has brought about all this so that we may seek Him, as He tells us in his greatest commandment, with all our heart, with all our soul and with all our intention (Deuteronomy 6:4,5), also recalling this other commandment that He himself equated with that one in the days in which He walked among us, even pointing out that nothing less than all the Scriptures were summarized in both: "You shall love your neighbor as yourself" (Matthew 22:34-40).

My dear Monsignor and my brother in the Lord, there are indeed many things that I would still have to say to you had it not mediate the relative brevity that all epistolary communication imposes. And it is precisely because of this imposition that I am forced to hurry here the formulation of what has mostly inspired these lines.

To put it in a few words, the Lord has placed in my heart the urgent need to suggest to you, as I did in a timely manner with President Trump, the impulse or patronage for a meeting in which, moved by their love for the Lord Jesus Christ and by a fervent desire to draw closer to Him than ever, could converge all those who understand the absolute seriousness of the present hour that He himself has brought over the whole world in order to make His people definitively accountable. Likewise, it seemed to me that the ideal place for such a meeting would be the Uruguayan city of Salto, where, in his days, the remembered John Paul II held a massive mass in May 1988, that is, thirty-three years ago. I believe, in effect, that in a convocation that had you and President Trump as the most prominent figures and that was to be held in a place in the Southern Cone such as the aforementioned border city of Uruguay, both European and Pan-American Christendom would be fully represented, that is to say, neither more nor less, Western Christendom as a whole.

A separate comment deserves the time when, I firmly believe, such a meeting should take place. There is, indeed, a passage in the Gospel of John that contains a mystery that has endured to this day. I am referring to the one in which, prompted by his brothers to attend the Feast of Tabernacles, the Lord manifested to them that his time had not yet been fulfilled to attend that festival (John 7:1-8). At the same time, while searching the Scriptures for the background of the Feast of Tabernacles, I have noticed a detail recorded in the book of Nehemiah that today, in view of all that we are enduring, is impossible for me to ignore.

I am referring here to that prayer addressed to the Lord by the Levites on behalf of all the children of Israel, who had gathered in prayer and in sackcloth in order to renew and ratify their commitment to Him, a moment that took place immediately after the days of the Feast of Tabernacles were over, which certainly must have inspired such collective will to draw closer and reconcile with their God. Now, this prayer includes some words that mysteriously contrast with the situation of those days of rebuilding the city of Jerusalem and that, at the same time, fit perfectly into our present pressing situation, in which this Great Reset that a few want to impose upon billions of human beings has had and continues to have biopolitics as its main ram. Here are those words:

Behold, today we are servants. And as for the land that you gave to our ancestors to eat its fruit and its good, its product is multiplied for the kings that you have placed over us because of our sins, which rule over our own bodies and over our livestock as they please, while we are in great tribulation… (Nehemiah 9:36,37)

Your Excellency, to conclude these lines, I would like to point out yet another detail that has attracted my attention powerfully and that has suggested to me that the Feast of Tabernacles is the appropriate time for all of us to cry out together to the Lord for the effective and prompt deliverance of all humanity. Indeed, as you may well know, Bible scholars have pointed out on more than one occasion that that cry of "Hosanna!" with which the multitudes gathered in Jerusalem received the Lord on his arrival in that city for which it would be his last Passover, does not correspond so much to said festival as to the Feast of Tabernacles, more specifically with the seventh day of it, to whom, in fact, the Jews have come to give the name of Hoshanna Rabbah. And since this exclamation is clearly inspired by that invocation of supplication to the Lord to send his liberation and prosperity recorded in Psalm 118, what better way, then, than to take it as a clear guide of what we should do all of us who love the Lord, as well as also when should we do it?

Ultimately, Your Excellency, it is for the latter and for all that I have explained to you so far that I, a simple and anonymous member of humanity to whom the Lord has given the land for all to inhabit it under His generous protection, it is for all this, I say, that, understanding that we are in the days when this great collective cry for liberation and prosperity will be heard with approval and responded favorably by the Lord, I have allowed myself to extend to you and to President Trump this idea that I myself, from this humble website, am committed to promote until our love for the Lord and for all our brothers in the faith are one and the same. For it will be then and only then that, with the sovereign and powerful assistance of our blessed Lord, we can leave behind the unprecedented moment of tribulation that we are going through today, a καιρός to which I, for all that I have explained here, call, without even a moment's hesitation, the days of the Great Hosanna.

With all the respect that your person and sayings impose on me and with the fraternal love that our Lord Jesus Christ inspires in me for you, I say goodbye, greeting you in his Name.

Mariano Franco

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