In the days of the Great Hosanna / Second open letter to Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò

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At the end of last May I wrote an open letter to Mons. Carlo Maria Viganò in order to extend him a proposal with a view to face the so-called Great Reset in a manner consistent with God's will, a proposal that, predictably, would not have any response on his part. Today, in the face of an appeal that the archbishop himself has launched in recent days in pursuit of a world antiglobalist alliance privileging the human will, it seemed more than appropriate to address him again in a second letter, much shorter but no less necessary than the first.


Buenos Aires, November 18th 2021

Et quoniam abundabit iniquitas refrigescet caritas multorum (Mt. 24:12)

Dear Mons. Viganò,

I am addressing you again through another letter like the one published here on last May 29th, on the eve of that faded 1st "Antonio Livi" Philosophy Festival to be held in Venice and in which you finally had a participation no less inconsequential than that event. And it is that, as I gave you to understand at that time, that event could have absolutely no constant and resounding effect that would alleviate the torment that currently continues to afflict all nations and especially Western nations. I told you at that time, rather, that both your help and that of the rest of human beings could only come from the Lord, since it is He himself who has brought this torment on the nations in full compliance with his holy sayings.

And was it not, in fact, in that very letter, that I pointed out very clearly what should be done with a genuinely humbled heart before the Lord so that He would send refreshment to the souls of billions of people? So great was the urgency of what I was saying then and so unlikely that a letter from a tiny individual like me would reach such an exalted and public addressee as you, that I made sure, in a later instance —that is, in last August 28th— that such a thing be made effective by sending it to you, this time privately, through your friend and collaborator Marco Tosatti.

In fact, not only did I send you that letter through the aforementioned journalist, but I also made it available, through my private communication with him, a text also published on this site, at the end of June, in Spanish and in English, under the title of The Great Hosanna, whose subtitle, I believe, perfectly describes its content: «A call to God's people in the days of the Great Reset». In it I proposed to the people of God as a whole the same thing that I had already advanced in my letter to you and in the letter to President Trump that preceded it by a few days: the holding of a solemn meeting in the Uruguayan city of Salto, a meeting in which all Western Christianity would be represented, which should have been held between September 21st and 28th, following in this the order of the days of the old Feast of Tabernacles ordered by the Lord to all his people through of Moses and in which, in the days when he walked among men in his human nature, the Lord himself participated.

Of course, I well imagined that I would not get any response to my missives. And it is that, speaking in merely human terms, it was more than unlikely that both you and the former US president would pay even the slightest attention to a proposal of such magnitude, coming, for worse, from a mere private individual, an obscure man from the Southern Cone of the American continent that does not even integrate any of the more than 33,000 sects that make up today's Christianity, including, of course, in the first place, the Catholic Church of Rome itself.

On the other hand, I must confess that at that time I did not even glimpse that shortly after that very understandable disregard for my proposal, you would be launching an appeal these days for an antiglobalist world alliance, which —I assure you with the same solemnity with which I have addressed you previously— it will become something as clumsy and unsuccessful as that Venetian symposium in which you participated last May. And it is that what I proposed to you in my first letter was not the fruit of a mere mental speculation of my own, but what the spirit of prophecy indicated very clearly that it should take place at that time. However, at the time of indicating that so clearly, the Spirit also hinted that said meeting would not finally take place. I think that if you have taken the trouble to read The Great Hosanna, you may have noticed that this apparent contradiction has been duly suggested in the lines that make up said text.

And now, in the hope that you will read these lines, much shorter than those that I addressed to you last May, I would like to tell you here that, despite the sincere affection that I manifest in them for your person, it was not in the name of said affection that I decided to take such an untimely step when writing it and, above all, when publishing it. Even now, I have very little care of what you —or, for that matter, any human being on the face of the earth— can think of me from these other words that I am writing to you right now; and this, for reasons totally similar to those that at the time led the apostle Paul to say to the Corinthian saints:

It is something insignificant to me being judged by you or by the time of human affairs, since even I do not judge myself. (1 Corinthians 4:3)

And I knew very well who I was obeying when I addressed that first letter, just as I know who I am obeying now when addressing this one, namely: the Lord Jesus Christ himself. I knew, in short, that if my words in that first letter had no effect on the meeting proposed therein, they would nevertheless remain as a testimony of what would have truly pleased the Lord to be carried out.

And the same thing, then, I can say about these lines that I now direct you, which will remain as a parallel testimony of that one, namely: as a record of the extent to which men —even those who, humanly, turn out to be the most respectable, just as you are—  strive to retain what can no longer be retained, while leaving aside, in their blindness, that other thing that the Lord has wanted to bring —and that, in fact, is bringing— when ordering, as of March of last year, the demolition of all things cherished by men for so many centuries and even millennia as their most precious asset. I mean everything that pleases the life of the flesh, a life that in the eyes of the Lord is like death itself. Believe me, therefore, if I tell you that in these days and in the days to come, more than ever, those words that he said to that young man who, before following him, wanted first to go and bury his father, will have their full fulfillment. In other words: in the days to come, more than ever before, it will be the dead themselves who will bury the dead.

And the fact is that the bulls and the fattened animals have already been sacrificed, the weddings are already prepared; and yet, also fulfilling the words of the Lord, the guests have been far from showing up to the invitation given. To such an extent is this so that a man like you, whom so many hundreds of millions of Christians around the world consider as a true beacon of the church, has preferred to privilege the second love over the first and has launched an appeal to all these same Christians in pursuit of an international union of the same character as the one against which the apostle Paul also warned the Corinthians by telling them not to enter, under any circumstances, into an unequal yoke with unbelievers.

I, it is true, in my «Call to God's people in the days of the Great Reset» in which I made you participate, I also invited men and women of good will to join in a search for God in pursuit of His forgiveness and refreshment. But, precisely, such a thing would have been pleasing to the Lord inasmuch as it would have been framed in the context of a holy assembly to which said men and women of good will would have bowed, being sanctified, therefore, in such an initiative. You, on the other hand, have preferred to carry out your appeal through the most hackneyed worldly kind of organization, that of popular protests and pressure on government bureaucrats in pursuit of a life that, as I have just told you, for God is death. And this, in the very last days of this age, in the days in which the Lord had already determined from the beginning to bring his kingdom of mercy, judgment and justice so longed for by his righteous for millennia! It is thus, then, that you have come to ignore what the apostle John says in his first letter:

Do not love the world or the things in the world. If anyone loves the world, the love of the Father is not in him. Because everything in the world —the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and the boastfulness of life— does not come from the Father, but from the world. (1 John 2:15,16)

And so, then, what could be said of you in the face of this call that you have launched these days, both lacking in wisdom from on high above and in genuine love for the God you claim to serve? And what could be said, too, of all those Christians who are to see this initiative of yours with good eyes and to follow it at face value? Nothing other than that which the spirit of prophecy has also recorded for our days through the prophet Hosea:

Narrow is Ephraim's iniquity, his sin is hidden: pains come to him from a woman in labor, [but] he is an unwise son, since he cannot bear the time when children open the womb. (Hosea 13:12,13)

All this has undoubtedly led, in recent months, to a general feeling of total loss, completely akin to that which, after the threat of total ruin on Jerusalem thrown at him by the king of Assyria, impelled King Hezekiah to send his officials to see the prophet Isaiah and to convey to him that ominous message that said:

Today is a day of narrowness, of reproach and of blasphemy, since the children have reached the womb but there is no strength to give birth! (Isaiah 37:3)

However, I cannot and do not want to ignore this other statement of that same Spirit towards the end of the book of Isaiah, which, in fact, does not admit any comment on my part, except for a big “Amen!”:

"Will I open the womb and not give birth?", says Yahweh. "Shall I be the one who causes begetting and also constrict the womb to prevent birth?", said your God... (Isaiah 66:9)

Remember these words well, since in one way or another, for better or for worse, from now on they will accompany you forever. For my part, I ask the Lord with all my heart that such accompaniment be for your blessing and for the blessing of all those who read these lines.

I greet you in the name of our God and Father, the Lord Jesus Christ.

Mariano Franco

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